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Hey! My name is Zach. I'm the owner of Chillz Media and live in the Atlanta area. 


I've always had an excitement for creation, music, art, movies, and tech. That being said, creating photos and videos is the perfect blend. I have been doing so professionally for a little over 5 years and continue to look forward to my growth and new opportunities.


I am always looking for ways to improve my craft and satisfy my clients. That being said, I only like to work with other creatives who have a similar enthusiasm like my own. It definitely helps to have a team for those bigger jobs and to be able to bounce fresh ideas off each other. 


Of course, I love when work doesn't feel like actual work. There is nothing like being able to do what I love while both the client and I are having a good time. Photography gives me the ability to freeze that special moment in someone's life. Being able to witness their reaction when they see the final product makes it all the better.

Photography and film is more than a profession. It's a true lifelong passion & I hope it shows through my work.


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